wtorek, 21 lipca 2015

Samyang 85 T/1.5 - Photos

I don't like staged portraits. I like to show natural emotions, motion, nice colors and good, blurred background. I am not an "artist-photographer", I am photojournalist. But I wanted to test portait lens on my Canon 1DX.
I bought Samyang 85 T/1.5. Why? Because it's good for videos and photos and I like to record videos sometimes because I have channel on YouTube.
What can I say about this lens?
I am still testing it. It's manual lens with no focus confirmation and you know what does it mean. Picture resolution - good at 1.5 (but it could be not enough in some situations, CA are visible too), very good at 2.0 with low level of CA. It's also difficult to shoot at 1.5, especially people in motion.
On my Canon 60D camera there's no sense to shoot with this lens because picture is too soft at 1.5, and just ok at 2.0 (I don't like aps-c from Canon now. In my opinion Nikon offers more on their DX format for the same or lower price than new Canon aps-c cameras).

I want to show you my sample shots with aperture usually at 1.5-2.0.

Difference between Samyang 85/1.5 at 1.5 and Canon 70-200/2.8 IS II at 200/2.8 (bench - with minimal focus distance: 1 meter with Samyang and 1,2 meter with Canon):

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