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Canon EOS 1100D - Pros and Cons Review

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My first camera was Sony DSC S930, typical "idiot camera" with nice macro (about 1:3 with good quality). I took many shots with this camera, but it wasn't enough for me. I was searching SLR cameras for amateurs like me ("entry level cameras") and I chose Canon EOS 1100D.

After taking thousands of shots I came to several conclusions. I will write about them in the "chronological" order - from my first thoughts to the last.

1. The camera is very light, about 0,5 kg (1 lb);
2. Menu, navigation is very easy to use;
3. Good quality of photos (depends on lens, kit-lens is poor) and movies (in 720p);
4. Iso 800 looks still ok;
5. About 380$ for body.

1. Plastic look;
2. Battery is not enough for many photos with mounted flash;
3. No autofocus in videos when they're being recorded (and mono-sound in those vids, only 25 or 30 fps, no 60fps option and advanced video settings);
4. Lack of useful options and filters like "hdr photo" etc;
5. There's no sense to buy this camera with kit-lens, because this lens is for "everything and nothing", so quality will be just average (if you want something really good you have to buy good lens);
6. There's no matrix clean system, you have to do this manually (or give camera to Canon service).

This is good camera from entry level in my opinion. As I know from many reviews - this camera has good ratings (average 4/6). It's better than Nikon D3100, but worse than Pentax K-R (if we are comparing cameras with the same prices). But quality of photo depends on your experience and interesting ideas, basis is a good lens and flash.

After 6 months with this camera I decided to buy new and much better Canon 60D camera. 

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